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“H E A D” is an installation project realised with found-footage. First and foremost it investigate about about generation and perception of the image, combining digital and analog techniques with projection devices and built objectual structures which welcomes, reveals and communicate thanks to dynamic or motionless or dynamic images. 

Elia Torrecilla has been developing research and artistic creation around issues related to the practice of walking in all its forms, and in the presence of the human body in the urban space of the streets. Therefore, her work approaches the field of performance. In her production, the artistic formation and the practical and theoretical research are ovelaped and combined as part of her life experience. She has a PhD in Art. Production and Research, by the Universitat Politècnica de València (2018) and she has a Degree in Fine Arts by the Miguel Hernández University of Elche (2012). She has participated in different exhibitions and artistic events of national and international character, and participated in different workshops, seminars, conferences, and projects.

Entertainment structure 1 #  is a computer controlled sound structure. It is composed of two seven-segment electronic modules that show a series of different numbers in each module that change in ascending and descending directions. The times run in counters in the opposite direction, in a choreography of endless numbers in which they never meet or coincide. In this race game, they subtract or add up, leaving in suspense an impossible time: that fragment of real time so difficult to detect, to feel, in the middle of both markers.

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, she lives and Works in Valencia, Spain.
Visual artist and cultural manager, she combines her personal art practice with the
organization of cultural events with RED NOMADE, the project she directs since 2004.
Her work, (a research on the possibilities of abstraction in the digital age) is widely recognized internationally. She works with different media (painting, installation, video, performance). Present in solo shows, group shows and Art fairs in Europe, latin america and USA, her work is part of Museums and particular art collections.


*Cristina Ghetti is represented in Germany by 100 Kubik Gallery, Köln

14-22 SEPT

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