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The project

A title that reflects a bend between two points, Spain and Germany.

Connection spaces generated on a round trip. Two groups of artists 

Of each group and their artwork to expose it and explain its work processes


This project is coordinated by Red Nomade and Yvonne Andreini


RED NOMADE manages the possibility of "creating connection spaces" operating from the territorialized identities pointing to think the cultural map of globalization in terms of "circulation"


Circulate: go from one place to another, bring and take, find, mix and rescue…terms that make sense if presented as an authentic possibility of overcoming the resistance of a closed and unique vision of culture. Red Nómade generates spaces that allow circulation, exchange and encounter between artists, theorists and cultural managers from different countries and cultures, proposing the "transgression" of borders making  differences and distance a positivity. Red Nómade bets on the construction of territories located on communication, language and affection.




Yvonne Andreini

Caroline Corleone

Ulrike von Gueltlingen

Alessio Castagna


Pepa López Poquet

Moisés Mañas

Cristina Ghetti

Elia Torrecilla

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